A Note about our Newest Venture, OEN Shop

To all of our readers,

This coming monday is quite significant for both of us here on the site, as we launch the latest development on the OEN platform, our very own online shop. The vision for us has always been to create products and projects of our own which will sit alongside the editorial content that we create with the individuals we admire.

Over the years we have been lucky enough to interview and talk about many aspirational individuals who have created ventures of their own, and for all this inspiration and advice from each, we cannot thank you enough. Naturally, through your reception to our daily content we’ve gradually grown confident that we can offer a unique selection of products.

Our aim is to create a space for you where purchasing and learning about items are under one roof. Sharing how products have been made, where the materials have come from and why each is worth investing in for the longer run. Good design and transparency go hand in hand, so we will do our upmost to provide an honest account of our products so you can decide for yourself if these items will enhance your lifestyle.

The majority of brands we have stocked in the store have been acquired through relationships we have formed with their owners, and there isn’t a single product in the store we wouldn’t happily own ourselves. We understand that it will take time for some of you to trust in a number of new brands that you may or may not of heard before.

Our hope is however, that you too will trust in quality rather than trend because we believe that when design is honest and pure, items will last years rather than months. As a final note we would like to thank you all for your continued support, we hope you enjoy what the store has to offer and hopefully this is just the start of a new and interesting chapter.

We’ll be taking the next two days off from the blog so we can fine tune the online shop and make sure everything works for our release on monday. Although we’ll have a limited inventory at first, over the next month things should arrive slowly, so keep checking the new arrivals page for things floating in. Back to our normal schedule on the blog next week.

When it goes live you will find the shop located here: shop.the189.com

Mark Robinson


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  • Cris

    It is normal that a PW is required?
    I don’t find the form to be a registered user.

  • Mark Robinson

    Hey Cris,

    That’s for staff use only. The shop will be live and available for everyone to see on monday. Please check back then :)


  • Grant

    Hey Guys,

    Massive fan of the blog, one of my go to places for inspiration. Cannot wait for the store to open, good shout on the PAP accessories one of the my favourites right now. Are you guys planning to recruit?

  • Mark Robinson

    Hey Grant,

    Thanks for the kind words on our site, means a lot!

    Give me an email at info@the189.com if you want to discuss the recruit thing …

  • Cris

    Thank you Mark, appreciate your quick answer… be sure that the shop will be added on my “internet shopping tour” and if the quality of products the will match the quality of the blog… I think it will be something very impressive!

  • John

    Dear Mark, looking forward to seeing the webstore on Monday.

    All the best of luck!

  • Mark Robinson

    Thank you John.

    Appreciate the kind words. Speak soon …

  • Mike

    Hey Guys,

    Congrats on your newest venture. I am a sales rep for an action sports group in Colorado and your website gives me solace in such a crazy market. Thanks for everything!

  • Daniel Benning

    Thank-you Mike, we hope you enjoy what we have on offer come Monday

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