Ceramics by Kai Jun Asai

Ceramics by Kai Jun Asai image1

We are quickly running out of fresh excuses for our obsession with Japanese craft and design, however I’ve been admiring another creative from that neck of the woods today so I thought I’d stay true to tradition and highlight the work of potter Kai Jun Asai in today’s post. I came across his work via another web shop called Kurashi-Yohin, who also have some beautifully handcrafted objects perfectly presented in a series of candid photographs. I couldn’t help myself putting together a series and offering them up here as a little teaser, as these rustic glazes are really quite something.

What I really would have loved to of found is a film documenting the potter at work, because I’d be interested to see the various techniques he uses to get this desirable organic effect. From what I know this is achieved in the reduction phase of the firing, best realised when using a wood based kiln. I would have loved to have seen the glazing process as there’s so many variables incorporated in finding the right finish. I’m not particularly fond of work that has a real shine to it, which is what drew me in to Jun’s series as these have got more of a matte muted tone.

The Japanese potters do a great job of combining a refined shape with quite an experimental and individual finish. You do find potters within Europe creating similar work but these are always few and far between, like finding a diamond in the rough. Luckily this week we’ve found ourselves another of these based closer to home like Matthias Kaiser who’s already featured within the shop. I’d keep your eyes peeled for Stefan Andersson who’s from Sweden in the next few days, in the meantime however I hope you enjoy what we have here and wander onto the Kurashi-Yohin for further inspiration.


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