Creating Things with Wood & Faulk

If there’s one thing that’s more refreshing than coming across individuals that create things for a living then it’s finding individuals that not only create but strive to inspire others to do so aswell. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been enjoying a handful of tutorial based design sites, take The Brick House for example who have a fantastic collection of do-it-yourself projects to get us motivated to create something ourselves.

Wood & Faulk is evidently another of these which is run by a rather nice fellow named Matt. A builder, designer and ultimately a tinkerer in most things creative, Matt has been sharing some fantastic walk throughs recently which I felt deserved a little more coverage. The imagery we have above and below highlights the range of products that you can create using these almost idiot proof walk throughs, I think my favourite has to be the chair above.

If you’re excited by this type of thing then I’d suggest following the Wood & Faulk blog which runs in unison with a small webstore that their dedicated team runs. Browsing through I couldn’t help but pin a handful of these on my pinterest account, they’re pretty special and all made by hand!


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