Cups 2009 – 2012 by Stefan Andersson

Coming across Stefan Andersson’s work today was deeply inspiring, the Swedish artist has an exceptional eye and has created some intriguing objects in his time. Most notably this new catalogue from a solo exhibition currently taking place in Malmö, Sweden. It’s titled ‘Cups 2009-2012’ and features a series of small cups that he made between the years 2009-2012. This small size gave him the opportunity to fixate on the details and work in set groups, some were fired in an electric kiln, others a wood firing, he also used oil and gas firing, some were even a combination of these. I think this shows in the final pieces as in my eyes this project is one of real experimentation and expression, he’s used all his resources and years to create some amazing colours and textures.

None of these are exactly the same either in terms of form, whether it be more rounded, with or without a foot, or more elongated, they all seem to have their own individuality. So basically he’s used a different glazing technique every time, different kilns at various temperature, multiple clays, and one-of-a-kind shapes to add into the mix. This is why I love ceramics at the moment, there’s such experimentation and you can get different results every time, leading to a very unique final piece.

Looking into Stefan himself he’s very inspired by Japan and the traditions of east asian ceramics, something you can see in this particular set for instance, and also cites English potter Norah Braden as one of his major inspirations. Saying her pots use simple elements where each line is balanced and there is a clarity of form, basically following modernist ideals (something that seems to be a common theme on our site). Overall I hope you like this set that I’ve put together and you can see all the creations over on his webpage found by clicking the link below. If you’re in Sweden you should really think about visiting the exhibition which is on for a few more weeks, as you can see in the above picture each cup has a note inside to explain how it was made and what out of, also the historic background, which is sure to be very interesting.


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