Further Photography from Where They Create by Paul Barbera

This doesn’t happen very often but I was completely blown away this morning by the creative energy found within the webpage of photographer Paul Babera. He’s undertaken a ridiculously ambitious project where he’s travelled the globe searching high and low for the most innovative designers, makers, artist illustrators, architects and more. Basically if creativity is their passion Paul has made the journey in order to document the space they work in, which provides a great deal of the personality that’s behind the objects individuals design and make for a living. Personally I’ve spent hours browsing over his expansive collection of images over on his webpage, so I will pre-warn you if this type of project interests you somebody might have to tear you away from your screen.

The best thing about this series is that it’s somehow been parcelled into a publication, I’m just glad I didn’t have the job of narrowing down who made the cut as I found it hard enough to leave so many great images out for this post alone. Paul has however managed to condense the series down for the book, including 32 interviews with studios he’s visited. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy, I love to see the context behind a finished project and I’m especially fascinated by the objects that creatives have lying around their studio to inspire and alter their perspective. You never know what you are going to come across and each studio here seems to have the addition of a few quirky objects laying around to provoke ideas.

Obviously the whole set I’ve brought across here are my favourites from what Paul’s showcasing online but I do have a handful of items within these that really caught my eye and resonated with me. The first of these is found within the right hand section of the sixth image down, this wooden lamp and its geometric shape remind me an awful lot of the playful yet structured nature the Bauhaus became renowned for. For those interested this was found within studio Too Good in London, in fact these guys had a great number of objects with a modernist type feel to them I really enjoyed.

Another favourite of mine is hiding away in the left hand side of the eighth image down, this being the artwork hanging on the wall that seems to be a sculpted section of concrete, I’d love to know who created it. The interior in question here belongs to Artist Richard Goodwin who resides in Sydney, Australia perhaps the create this himself. Someone I’d not crossed paths with before but projects like these really do present creatives to you that otherwise you’d never be able to learn about or appreciate. More than a book this amalgamation of Paul’s is somewhat of a service to the dedication these people have for their craft. Personally I couldn’t help myself supporting this project because it’s the type of thing that makes me get out of bed in the morning, seeing passionate creatives getting the plaudits they deserve. For further information on where to purchase this book or to see more of what we have here head across to Paul Barbera’s website via the link below – Enjoy!