Imagery from Riley Salyards

I’ve not come across Amsterdam’s very own Riley Salyards before but browsing through her blog it quickly became evident that she was a creator. Nobody takes photo’s like these unless they are creative and like the fine details, the texture, and that classic rustic/handmade feel. It actually turns out that Riley works in fashion as a textile designer, although from time to time you might find her making some ceramics or taking beautiful photos like the ones we have here.

I just love Riley’s approach to photography, she doesn’t mess around with the lighting, keeping it natural, soft and clean which really suits her simplistic yet sophisticated style. I’m a big fan of the combination of colours and textures combined in these spaces that Riley has looked to showcase. Take the top image for example and the weaved pattern on the left, personally looking at this brings out a massive admiration for the skill of the individual who has created what is a really classic looking piece.

I think if you are a creative you’re always on the lookout for something that can spark your imagination, to design and create something both new and orginal. With this is mind I think if you’re that way inclined it would be well worth following Riley and her future work for that added bit of motivation.


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