Timeless Pieces Through Intelligent Design – Furniture by Wales&Wales 

Through the history of furniture, design trends have come and gone. The latest trends may produce chic and modern interiors, however, if you’re after clean, tasteful designs for an indefinite period, timeless furniture is the best investment. Wales&Wales are furniture designers specialising in timeless furniture pieces combined with intelligent design and a hint of contemporary charm. They have managed to create a range that is not excessively decorative and which can fit almost any era. I believe their designs are classic and clean enough to fit most residential and commercial spaces to create a sense of quiet confidence. Through the years, the talented design duo, Rod and Alison, have been awarded three Design Guild Marks for production designs and their pieces have been acquired by national collections, including the Fitzwilliam Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

The Evie dining chair and carver beautifully showcase how the designers use contemporary elements combined with ageless design in their work. In this case, classic Scandinavian influence.

Wales&Wales’ bring to their work a sense of intelligence and visual personality. The duo also shares the idea that furniture has the potential of being viewed as art. Browsing their range, this is evident in the strong, clean elegant designs grounded in a practical understanding of materials.

Wales&Wales uses mostly wood combined with other robust materials to create their pieces. Their works are all created in neutral colours which, in my opinion, make it the perfect pieces to add style and elegance to any space. Timeless designs are not always easy to achieve, but Wales&Wales have found the perfect balance between ageless elegance and simple modernism to create furniture that will stand the passage of time.


The Radar wooden pedestal table with its classic finishes and unusual geometry of the veneered top reminds of past centuries in a more modern way. 

Wales&Wales’ typical contemporary touch is also evident in the Linus, an AV unit that can serve as a low sideboard. Its design is simple yet crisp. 


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