Design’s Role in Innovation

Although we mainly discover content based around menswear and photography, we also like to fit in elements of design. Lets face it, all of these items that we love and admire are based around design at their root. As a designer myself I’m consistently inspired and dedicated to finding new ideas that have substance.

This video I found below by the UK Design Council tries to define design and how it ties into business innovation. It’s full of great quotes by inspiring individuals and definitely gives all of us something to think about. I’m not too keen on the filming itself, it comes across as quite tacky, but the content is worthy of showcasing.

It’s amazing to think of the benefits of having people that are capable of thinking beyond current trends and that can make new connections. Watch on below.

“The definition of design comes from the Latin word which is designare, and designare means designate, so giving meaning to things. It’s not about the style, it’s not about the technology, it’s not about the functionalities. What is the meaning that people give to this product? And design is about the innovation of this meaning.” – Roberto Verganti


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