Dieter Rams, Cold War Modern Film by V&A

Three years old, don’t stress it, this video featuring Dieter Rams is beyond timeless and really homes in on why this designer is so revered. A designers designer for sure.

The Victoria and Albert Museum filmed this quite a while back as a teaser to the Cold War Modern exhibition, but I absolutely love the choppiness of the piece and the switching between a clear and modern picture then changing over to more of a grainy one with close ups of his hands and other random tools. It just suits Dieter perfectly and really presents his personality to a new comer.

One part that really resided with me was when Dieter said, “I hate everything that is driven by fashion. From the beginning I was hating in the 60s the American way of styling, especially cars. They changed their styling things every 2 years and designed new ones which is nothing to do with good design”. I have to agree but I think we all get suckered in by this world full of ulterior motives, it’s hard to stay focused and veer away from fashion driven items. Whatever way I know you will get inspired when watching this little piece and maybe you will think about that little quote next time you go on to create something.


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