Flow Gallery – The Spirit Of Things

When we aren’t working or creating it’s great to get ourselves out the office and take some influence from others through the medium of gallery exhibitions. The Flow gallery in Notting Hill, London which is owned by Yvonna Demczynska has been running a fantastic showcase recently titled the spirt of things that explores the crosscurrents between Japanese and Finnish crafts. Unfortunately this ends tomorrow so it’s not likely we’ll be paying this one a visit, however with such a good showcase and summary of what the project is all about I felt this short film was worth sharing.

Regulars here I’m sure will instantly see the connection with what Yvonna is doing and what we are striving to create here through our own shop and blog. We both are immensely passionate about the Japanese perspective on craft and design, so it’s refreshing to stumble upon individuals that are on such a similar plane of thought. Personally I’m pretty gutted that I didn’t find out about this exhibition sooner because I would have loved to have seen these beautiful objects up close where you can really appreciate their details and marks of the maker.

The gallery has often featured a number of exhibitions over the past ten years that compare the aesthetic of Scandinavian and Japanese creation so if like me you’re a little disappointed I’m sure it won’t be too long until the next one is compiled and displayed. In the meantime we can all enjoy what Yvonna has to say about her experience curating what we have here, all of which has been inspired by her own travel to Asia over the past 20 years. Watch on below and enjoy!



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