Imagery of Børge Mogensen’s House

Let’s all take a view of legendary Danish designer Borge Mogensen’s house which was built in 1968 as I think it’s a really inspiring space and quite the advertisement for timeless design. The imagery we find before us was taken for a charming and ever popular publication ‘Scandinavian Living’ with everything in the book being captured by English photographer Andrew Wood.

I’m very fond of the classic feel that the design of Børge’s home upholds, I think it has an abundance of natural lighting combined with these wonderful wooden structures that keep the space looking fresh and undated. Everything just looks so clean and arranged while still holding that lived in and alive feel, it’s a wonderful balance and very typical of Scandinavian design.

Functional is perhaps the best word to use when talking of Borge Mogensen’s design, who started to create professionally through the medium of cabinets in 1934. He went on to design his globally appreciated pieces ‘the hunting chair’ and ‘spokeback sofa’ which are both still drawn upon today as inspiration for contemporary furniture design.