Kenji Fujita for Freeman Lederman Ceramic Coffee Pot/Pitcher

I’m not really one for sharing a single product or object but I thought today I’d break that mould and focus in on a rare modernist coffee pitcher that caught my eye over on Pintrest. It’s been designed by Japanese ceramist Kenji Fujita for American Studio Freeman Lederman back in the 50’s and for me it has a real timeless aspect to it. I enjoyed it’s human like figure from behind which many recognise as a sign of Kenji’s work, almost like a trademark.

The other element which makes this piece is the intertwined handle that really connects this piece to its Japanese roots, I can just imagine somebody putting this together much like Chifuyu Enomoto did in the short film we shared recently. I’ve seen other work from Kenji floating about on the web previously, even this particular form but never in this black patina that has such a classic feel to it.

I’m sure this would fit right in to one of homes that we shared yesterday from the Akio Kamiya studio, it’s such a considered object that it deserves to be placed in an environment that is as equally considered and balanced. It’s a real mark of the artist that this item has aged so well considering it’s over 50 years old now and has been used for making coffee. Kenji must have put great premise on quality and craftsmanship, this simply wouldn’t have help up this well against time otherwise.

I decided I’d share this before I realised that Artist Lara Minassian was offering this for sale over on her Etsy shop, so I just thought I’d mention this if anyone was interested in adding this to their kitchen. From my point of view it’s great to appreciate from afar and peruse as a little design inspiration, especially when it fits in so snugly with what we have here already. If you’d like to learn more about this piece you should head across to Etsy, otherwise why not browse around and see what other modernist projects we have on offer.


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