Making Marks – Sculptural Glassware by Design Studio GUAXS

You know I am a sucker for any objects where you can see the marks left by the maker! To see the connection to the craftsman and the process of construction makes for a totally different atmosphere. You can’t help but appreciate the hard work and dedication and think more deeply about the objects surrounding you. Analysing their beauty and how they actually came to fruition.

Today I picked out GUAXS, a German design company known for producing handmade glass objects. Founded by Annette and Anselm Schaugg, their works are handblown with lead free crystal and refined with traditional hand cutting techniques. The pieces are inspired by natural and cultural artefacts and are made to produce a festive ambiance at the dinner table.

The collection consists of smaller glasses with vertical and chiseled etchings, as well as larger vases that are abstract but still elegant. The sleek look is combined with a sturdy appearance that lets you know they will withstand the test of time, not just through function alone but also in an aesthetic sense.

As I mentioned above, the appreciation that the Schaugg couple have for craftsmanship, showcasing this through all of the objects that they produce, is extremely impressive and something I am in awe of. If you ever pick up a GUAXS object you are sure to think of the maker, the designer, and the origin of each piece. An enlightening experience. Something that only the best design can offer.


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