Marble Forms – Little Gerla & Introverso by Italian Designer Moreno Ratti


Recently a few new pieces of content here on the blog have featured marble or stone as one of their main elements. It’s interesting because I often I think my selection here is usually dictated by what I bump in to on the web, but in actuality I think it’s more that I’m inspired by a particular theme or topic.

Today I’m highlighting the fantastic work of Italian designer Moreno Ratti, who has dedicated his design career to working with marble and seeing what functional uses it can have. I was especially attracted to his vase collection, which he has elaborated on his various forms throughout his portfolio. One collection, in collaboration with Paolo Ulian, is titled Little Gerla, and is a series of titles which are cut using a water jet.

This staggered effect was also continued on to his collection called Introverso. A vase that has an exterior and interior silhouette, this vase can actually be deconstructed in to a new shape by using a hammer. You can break the slats and it will follow the form of the second shape. An interesting idea, and one that I hope he will elaborate on even more in the future. For now, here a few of my favourite images from his website, more like this can be seen on the link below.