Contrasting Elements – Vessels by LA Based Furniture Maker James English


I’ve been examining many woodworks over the last few weeks, some are smooth and lacquered, others have that nice rustic edge that many admire. But it was a conversation with a craftsmen that made me ponder these small pieces of art by Los Angeles-based furniture maker James English.

Usually these kind of handmade vessels are tea containers or an object that can be used in a functional sense. So these pieces kind of surprised me as the bottom section of the vessels are a traditional container of sorts, which is the functional element, where as the top is an elaborate piece of design that features various intricacies.

I think these contrasting ideologies are quite intriguing, and set the tone for quite an interesting collection of objects from James English. These can be found in various woods, some carved from teak, ash, cherry and walnut. These images were sourced from Commune Design, so I recommend a look over there too if you have a chance. They can be purchased on their website. Enjoy.