Rawness with Refinement – Stunning Furniture & Objects by Sanna Volker

Imagine providing a caveman with the advanced tools that allow him to create stunning sculptures and furnishings while forcing him to use only the materials that are available to him as the base for those creations. If that caveman had an eye for balance and beauty it’s likely that he would end up with the kind of unique, industrial looking stone and metal pieces that are characteristic of Sanna Volker’s work.

Volker’s work knows no limits. She uses a wide variety of materials including stone, wood and metal. Her pieces range from furnishings to dining ware to sculptures to home décor. The one characteristic of her art that comes through every time is balance.

Volker is a Swedish born designer who travels between Scandinavia and Spain creating art all over that region of Europe. Her designs have a distinctly raw feel yet the natural elements she uses provide a human touch. She incorporates traditional methods to create contemporary pieces that are simply timeless.

Volker takes home décor to the next level providing a unique look that is nothing short of awe inspiring. See more of her work on the portfolio linked below. You won’t regret it!


Stand out works include her Nostalgia Candlesticks. Both beautiful and useful, the candlesticks are supported in a simple base. Once lit, they work to heat the elements above them to diffuse rooms with enticing aromas. One combines volcanic rock with essential heat oil to disperse scent into the room which the other stick holds a bowl that can be filled with water and leaves or herbs to provide a soothing fragrance.

Relaxing in front of the TV on a Sunday will be a lot more enjoyable with Volker’s Sunday Sofa Clamp seen in the above picture. Volker designed a simple wood tray with a clamp on the bottom that works to affix the tray to the arm of a chair or sofa. The tray is the perfect place to set a drink or snack while you are taking it easy.

The Sambo stool above is both attractive and utilitarian. Its curved top accommodates your curves while the bottom rungs provide a sturdy base for taking shoes on and off based on the Swedish and Japanese tradition of removing shoes when entering a home. The Japanese culture further comes through in the stool’s unique look which is reminiscent of Japanese roof tops.


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