Searching for Irregularity – X + L by Designers Xander Vervoort & Leon van Boxtel

If you’re anything like me there’s nothing better than walking in to a well designed space that’s truly harmonious. I think there’s a spiritual element to it that’s hard to describe and I often find the rustic features of the space the most intriguing as they lend a natural quality that is impossible to mimic. This is why I was drawn to the interior design and objects of Holland-based shop X + L founded by designers Xander Vervoort and Leon van Boxtel in 1996.

The objects are handmade designs with a distinct aesthetic made possible only through the collaboration with various artisans and makers in different continents. For example their recent project in 2018 with PhantomHands, an Indian furniture company, where they were able to rethink the furniture these Indian craftsmen were making and re-design them using their unique style. X + L are also represented by Objet d’art_galerie in Tokyo so you already know their pedigree.

I picked out these beautiful spherical sculptural forms and angular, crafted furniture which are all part of their collection. As someone myself who is so closely connected to the makers who make these objects there’s nothing better than trying to build on their skills and showcase them for others to see. I hope you will go on over to the X + L website and take a look. Maybe something will inspire you!


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