Colour As Material – Match by Muller Van Severen for Reform Copenhagen

Our surroundings influence us more than we could ever comprehend. A couple hundred strokes of the wrong colour painted on our walls can make a direct impact on our overall mood and sense of being in a space. That’s why colour, along with beauty is so incredibly important. Bright surroundings do not directly translate into bright thoughts, yet they help a great deal and can elevate the atmosphere.

The artistic duo whose design I’m going to talk about understands this importance and that can be clearly seen in their work here. Based in Ghent, Belgium, the Muller Van Severen design studio started working on furniture back in 2011. Before that they were both artists; Muller was a photographer, while Van Severen was a sculptor. What does that tell us about them? That they both have a keen eye for aesthetics and have since translated this unique sense in to functional design.

Their latest project titled ‘Match’ for Reform Copenhagen is a testament to that. The colour palette used on their kitchen fronts reminds me of leaves in spring – rich in variety, bright and cheerful. What’s more impressive, however, is their brilliant combination of seemingly incompatible materials. Counter tops are made out of marble, while the plinths are brass. Both are very solid, durable materials, as well as traditional. The kitchen fronts on the other hand are made out of a more modern material: HDPE (High-density polyethylene A 500). Let me translate. It’s a durable type of plastic, especially well-suited for kitchens due to its stability.

All in all, the finished design is a refreshment and a true trend contender to fashionable white kitchens sought after today. Not only that, but it’s also an artistic master-piece, within which the modern and the classical combine and mix so well into a solid and lasting kitchen. More importantly (you can debate me on that), they mix together into a thing of beauty, cheerful and pleasing on the eye.


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