Radiating Warmth – Side Table by Studio Guillaume Delvigne for Neal Feay

When decorating a home or any other architectural space, one often thinks of the large pieces of furniture that will impress or make an impact. The sofa, the armchair, the dinner table or the king size bed. Although the mentioned furniture does catch the eye first, it only does half of the job. A more experienced eye, an eye for detail will find that small things, a side table for example, make the interior complete. Small things can create a big impact.

One such small piece of furniture comes to us from Paris, the city of love. The mind behind the design is that of Guillaume Delvigne, a talented and renowned creator, who made projects for popular brands such as Givenchy and Hermes. If that accomplishment alone does not speak of his ability his latest piece of work will.

A side table, industrially manufactured, yet radiating with the familiarity and warmth often seen in handcrafted objects. The colour should best be described as that of a sea surface at dusk and has been made out of anodised aluminium that’s not only a beautiful addition to any interior space but also resistant to wear and corrosion. Here comes the best part though. The part that makes it special. All across its top surface, small ripples can be seen, almost like waves on that sea surface at dusk. It might make you think that it certainly couldn’t be made out of aluminium and that it most certainly couldn’t be made through manufacture. Such a feature creates the feeling of warmth in something as cold as industrially manufactured furniture.

Why is that the case? Well, because it shows real human thought behind it. Almost like a piece of wood that’s been chiselled out by hand. It shows you that it’s not just another generic piece of furniture, but something created with care and precision. It shows you that it’s unique and is sure to stand the test of time.



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