Selection of Imagery from Carlie Armstrong

After highlighting Jennifer Causey and her Brooklyn Makers book the other day I came across another photographer that’s passionate about sharing some American creativity. Tonight I thought I’d give her work a showcase here because I’m a big fan of what she’s trying to do with her own project and felt it deserved a bit more attention. Much like Jennifer, Carlie Armstrong is in awe of the collective artisanal movement going on in her area and through her photography she strives to share the stories of those creating.

Portland Oregan is somewhere we’ve visited many times before on the blog especially with the likes of Kinfolk, Tanner Goods, School House Electric Supply and Co and countless photographers like Parker Fitzgerald, Amos Lanka and Laura Dart. In fact Vimeo started out here, and I’m sure I could fill the next few paragraphs with examples. Obviously Carlie doesn’t have an issue finding new and exciting individuals to document, her website is packed full of studios, barns, and apartments where many marvellous minds set to work and luckily this is all on show via her online archive: “Work Place”.

Many of you will be happy to learn these have been captured exclusively on medium format cameras, offering up honest and earthy exchanges that present something different to the other websites out there doing a similar job like “Freunde von Freunden” and “In The Make” (two of my favourites at this moment in time) for example. To keep the website working in this way Carlie has recently setup up a Kickstarter campaign to cover the costs of developing film and so on. I just thought I’d mention this briefly as there might be a few of you that would be kind enough to support what Carlie is doing.

Given the mission we’ve set ourselves with our own company it feels natural to promote others that are highlighting independents that don’t always have huge budgets or ample opportunity to share their story. It would be a real shame if Carlie had to cease maintaining what she’s started at “Work Place”, as you can see from what we’ve got here there is a real abundance of young and dedicated independents waiting to be shared – inspiring to see. Why not head across to the website and see what you think for yourself, you won’t be disappointed with what you find.


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