Series of Antiques and Oddities from Factory 20

Gibraltar Habourmasters Office Clock

I’ve always been somebody that asks questions, who likes to wonder why things have been made the way they have, so naturally I’m drawn to items that embrace an unconventional aesthetic. Which is why I was in my element this morning when I stumbled upon the ridiculously large archive of design objects and furniture curated at the factory 20 webpage. They are constantly creating an inventory that conveys a bohemian impression of 20th century design, it’s a great online resource to explore packed full of the weird and the wonderful. After spending an hour or so looking over what they had to offer I began to narrow down a collection to bring across to you all here, with so many options it was difficult to know where to start.

In the end I decided to select a few modernist pieces with the addition of the odd victorian item as there were quite a few of these that were unlike anything I’d seen before. I’m sure the factory 20 storage space is quite a remarkable place to visit, I’ve certainly not come across a collection of this size online before. You’ll notice a big industrial influence throughout with many of these items being salvaged and repurposed ready for present day use. The accordion wall lamp for example was a standout for me having been created in America in the 1920’s. After a little attention it’s fully functional with it’s formed copper shade and intricate pull handle, this would be a great addition to a studio space being such a one-of-a-kind item.

I didn’t want the set to come across as too over worked however so I added in some more subtle objects like the cast brass whale in the second image, this is actually an ashtray but even as a non-smoker it attracted my eye purely through its form. The etching from the late 60’s aided me in this department too, the scene packed full of life and character helped to find a nice balance with the train chugging along on the right hand side of the artwork. This is of course just a sample of what the Factory 20 team has to offer so for the complete experience I’d recommend your own visit across, as lots of this is obviously down to personal preference. They do however offer something of everything, so if you’re not a fan of everything here take a look yourself and see what you can find – Enjoy!

Vintage Solid Brass Whale Ashtray

Arts and Crafts Victorian Folding Brass Ruler

Old Industrial Steel Box Table

Victorian Wire High Top Hanging Light

French Campaign Lounge Chairs

Industrial Accordion Wall mounted light

Pw Milton October piece etching

Beltzman Vintage Modernist log hoop


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