Transformed Into Volumes – Lines & Dots by Alvaro Goula and Pablo Figuera

Sometimes the best ideas begin with the simplest of techniques. In this case drawing and sketching. It’s amazing what can be conjured up by only a few minutes of sketching each day. Maybe something will strike! This is exactly what happened to Spanish designers Alvaro Goula and Pablo Figuera when they produced these lights for GOFI.

The geometric shapes attached to these free hanging lights were discovered through the experimentation of lines and dots on paper. Through this process a series was produced in collaboration with a local metalworker who helped make the initial prototypes for these designs. Adding circular shapes of colour to this series really brings out the abstract lines that loop around and create interesting shapes. Eight different modules are combined in thirty different ways using the cable as pivot point.

Lighting is a funny field in which it’s fairly difficult to innovate, partly down to the pared back nature of this medium, you have a light bulb and cord. These offer a slight twist but in a modern way. If used appropriately I think these would add a nice sense of creativity in a home and certainly draw your eye in. Make sure you check out the Goula Figuera portfolio below and also view the whole range on manufacturer GOFI’s webpage.


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