Wire Works by Masao Seki

I love wire sculptures and wire work in general, it’s quite a fascinating subject in my opinion as it’s out of the general scope of what artists usually produce. People like Alexander Calder have originated in this from and have then expanded out into other avenues such as mobile work, or larger sculptures. So it’s basically experimentation and creativity at its purest.

As you can imagine since it’s quite a low key thing to do, seeing high quality photos online of this sort of work is quite rare, but one character that caught my attention recently was Masao Seki, a Japanese creative who works with wire. Maseo is currently taking part in an exhibition at TOKI no KUMO in Japan and his work is beyond superb, very inspiring indeed. He covers a range of different forms such as cars, houses, animals, planes, and other quirky objects. Although some would say these aren’t exactly ‘functional’, I think they serve their purpose very well, to entertain and amuse us, we also have to appreciate the skill it takes to make something like this. It’s in no way easy (trust me I’ve tried many times!). So hopefully you’ll admire them for what they are and also the expression that Masao’s work exudes, he definitely has his own unique style

If you’re feeling a bit peckish for other wire work I have documented stuff like this in the past, two at the top of my list are Wire Sculptures by Rodger Stevens, with his wonderfully chaotic studio, and Wired Objects by Jiro Yoshida, who took part in an exhibition on Le Corbusier at EDANE shop in Japan. Both are very carefree and playful with their works.

Below is a selection of pieces that TOKI no KUMO are currently showcasing on their online shop. Unfortunately most of them are sold out, which is quite irritating since I wanted to purchase a few for the office, but you can see plenty more on their website via the link below. Have a great night.