Be Infectious. The Integer Creative Vision.

How does a person become creative? What does it take to nurture that gift and how do you inspire someone to make the most of their talents?

Well Integer ask all these questions in this short film, hoping to inspire the creatives in their agency to get back in touch the infectious energy they had when they were young, their creative spark, and to remind them of the power they have to influence others.

Integer say, “The truth is, creative people are different. And most of us have known it all our lives. It hasn’t always made us popular, but it has made us very powerful. Through our ideas, we can have great influence over the way people think and feel. Even the way they act. We like to call it infectious creative energy. It’s the unique ability to come up with an idea so compelling that people can’t help but spread it.”.

This is a great video that really does inspire, when I see young people who are talented and so enthusiastic about life it gives me a lot of hope for the future. I’m sure you will love this, watch on below.

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