Charlotte, A Wooden Boat Story

Daniel spotted this project a while back but we didn’t have anything concrete to post up so it’s nice to see that these guys have finally released a trailer which compliments this article today.

The trailer is for a short film titled ‘Charlotte’ about a boatyard, the Gannon & Benjamin Marine Railway, located on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. Directed and produced by Jeffrey Kusama-Hinte, this film looks to highlight traditional boatbuilding and captures the essence of a boatbuilders’ life. We get to follow the building process from the framing and planking to the decking and interior, we even get to join in on the launching of Charlotte at Vineyard Haven.

This film presents a real passion for craftsmanship and is rendered perfectly on film, it’s got this sort of haze which really lends itself to the whole scenario and story. It’s also nice to see artisans, both young and old, getting involved in this project and showing off the plethora of skills that us humans have. Just shows what we can all do when we put our mind and passion into something.

The trailer for this film can be watched below, if you would like to see more I would recommend going over to the website where they have the full film available for viewing.


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