Domo de Argila by Artist Andy Goldsworthy


This short film on artist Andy Goldsworthy seriously caught my attention yesterday, possibly because it brings back memories of ‘Rivers and Tides’, a documentary portrait of Andy Goldsworthy by Thomas Riedelsheimer made over ten years ago. You should 100% watch the trailer to the film on youtube if you get a chance, I was mesmerised by his patience and how he pushes his work right to the edge, often to the point of collapse. If you see the trailer you’ll understand what I mean by this.

A couple of things that I’ve always admired about Andy is his unique style and his connection with nature, he’s always exploring to express his creativity. It must be crazy the amount of locations that he’s actually visited and the experiences that he’s had throughout his lifetime. Interestingly, I see a lot of connections between his work and the creatives that I admire in other sectors, you often see common traits between these well-accomplished individuals.

The short film that I’m higlighting today is a recent project that took place named ‘Domo de Argila’ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A dome that is scheduled to undo over time, that’s its main feature, the concept of ephemerality which in turn looks at the coexistence between man and nature. The idea that the outer space is built by man, and you have to go inside where it’s a cave made out of clay, transporting yourself back in time.

I feel like everything is well explained in the video below, as it’s quite a long piece overall, so if you watch on you’ll get all the facts and Andy’s thoughts on the project. One thing I would make sure you do is to go and explore Andy’s work first before you put him in one particular box, this is just one of many that he’s worked on over his career, which range from using stone, wood, water and other natural materials. He’s a very talented artist indeed.


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