Iron Pour By Mark Walley

Mark, one half of the wife and husband filmaking team that is the Walley’s, brings us this insightful short film showcasing a live Iron Pour, captured at the Blue Star contemporary art centre. From my general experience there doesn’t seem to be too much footage around featuring the process of iron pouring, so it’s nice to see such considered footage put together by Mark.

I think it’s important for our heritage that we continue to practice these age old techniques and with the development of technologies it’s great to know that these processes can be preserved, for all to see through the medium of film. I have to admit that since a young boy I’ve always been fascinated by fire so this short film was right up my street, it would be great to see this subject explored a little deeper and maybe even taken into a documentary type format, I wonder if anyone has looked into this before.

To view more works from The Walley team head towards their webpage via the link below.


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