Short Film by Andrew Telling & Owen Richards

Andrew Telling and Owen Richards are the two creatives involved in this obscure yet captivating short film which I stumbled across on my internet travels earlier this evening. Captured deep beneath the hills in North Wales, “Araf” is an abstract depiction of the photographic work of Robin Friend who can be seen capturing his latest series “Slaughthouse” in the video below.

Although the documentation of the creator is a little less direct than we are used to normally, I actually quite enjoyed the lack of explanation in this one. Showcasing more of the actual work and less of the concept behind it leaves the tension and mystery building, keeping us all interested up until to the very end.

I think the opening sequence is the best example of this, which does it’s best to lead the viewer into questioning whats going on upon their screens. All in all Andrew and Owen have opted for quite an alternative style of filming which really paid off given how complementary this is to the abstract nature of photographer Robin’s work.

If you’d like to view the resulting set captured in the film below you can find these hiding away on Robin Friend’s webpage, he seems to have quite the eye for anything obscure which in the face of originality can’t be a bad thing.


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