The Isle of Langkawi by James W Griffiths

Even since our very early posts we’ve always tried to bring our readers the weird and the wonderful from time to time. In fact, I’m quite proud to be involved behind the scenes of a platform that continually presents people with a little diversity because I’m a strong believer in the worlds strength being in it’s contrasting differences.

So naturally I really enjoyed this short film which highlights a little of the heritage behind a quaint Isle in Malaysia that goes by the name of Langkawi. James W. Griffiths, the director of the piece, and his team were asked to make two films, one of which was to based around Malaysian nature and the other it’s history, with this film speaking on the legends and folktales accustom to the historical isle of Langkawi.

I firstly wanted to host a little appreciative note to the film’s narration which is brought to us by wordsmith Cameron Robertson which is wonderfully elegant and captivating. With a secondary mention to the picture perfect scenery that James has enraptured in the video below. Each day I’m hugely inspired by different facets of design, but I think the projects that inspire me most are those that keep true to their surroundings, so I think that the ultimate source of inspiration for me personally has to be planet earth.

Perhaps one day I will be able to travel a little more and see with my own eyes and ears other idyllic scenes like these, but for the time being I’m quite happy viewing from my office chair. Amongst the day to day I think we often forget how remarkable this word is, so I feel incredibly blessed to be able to share scenes like this in my own.


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