Placing Mood In Space – Furniture by UK Studio PINCH Design

After months spent being confined to our own homes to quell the spreading of Covid-19, we have really gotten to know the furniture in our homes more intimately – I basically sleep, eat and work on the same three pieces of furniture. This lead me to think about how furniture in a domestic setting (or public setting as well) has the ability to influence our behaviour or mood.

In a way, furniture design aims to respond to the question: How do we want to live and relate to the world? The answer to this question is at the very heart of UK-based firm PINCH Design. Established in 2004 by husband and wife, Richard Pinch and Oona Bannon, PINCH Design offers a unique lifestyle through quality craftsmanship. The designers are always thinking about how they want to live and what furniture they would personally want in their own home. This very personal and honest approach to furniture design sets them apart from other independent makers as a sense of authenticity really comes across in their pieces.

Inspired by the minimalist ethos of Scandinavian Modernism, the symmetry and proportion of Georgian architecture, the utilitarianism of American Shaker furniture, PINCH designs are simple and elegant with a quiet, subdued aesthetic. There is a strong sense of restraint in their designs with a sharp focus on utility and, with almost no ornamentation, the silhouettes and volumes are made to appear light and uncumbersome. An unrelenting attention to detail and fine materials, as well as, a contagious appreciation for the texture and aesthetic of raw wood and natural fibres are all hallmarks of PINCH furniture.

At PINCH, the aim is to create a tranquil and accessible environment through simplicity of design, much in the same way the soft lighting and the minimalist aesthetic of a Vermeer painting exudes a sense of serenity and warmth. All these elements truly affect the way we live and consequently how we relate to the world and others, and I think the furniture we choose to surround ourselves with have much more of an impact on our behaviour than what we imagined.

Furniture by PINCH Design 2

Furniture by PINCH Design 3

Furniture by PINCH Design 4

Furniture by PINCH Design 5

Furniture by PINCH Design 6

Furniture by PINCH Design 7


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