Stone Combinations – Furniture by Korean Designer Lee Sisan

Stone integrated into furniture has definitely become a big of a trend. I came across Korean designer Lee Sisan’s work and I think he takes stone furniture to another level with these stunning metallic forms. By integrating large stones in both innovative and functional ways the end result is earthy, modern, and even gravity defying.

Based in Seoul, Sisan is currently exploring the relationship between humans, nature, and objects themselves. By using man made materials he’s able to create his own artistic language that comments on our ability to harmonise with nature. Certainly striking!

A stand out object for me is the ‘Proportions of Stone bench’. The metal bench is supported by a unique geometric stand and features a flat surface with a large crater that seats a monumental looking stone. People can sit on either side of the stone to admire its beauty while taking in the surroundings.

The ‘Proportions of Stone Shelf’ is another unique work from this series that follows a similar theme. This one has a modern design with shelves in a variety of square and rectangular shapes and sizes. The stones are placed between the shelves as if on display, but upon closer inspection, they also provide an end to end fit seeming to hold up the structure. Just like a game of Jenga!

Sisan’s designs are sleek and have a modern, industrial flair. They provide a floating illusion that would make anyone do a double take, but they also provide a statement about nature that connects with the viewers on an emotional level. See more of Lee Sisan’s work on his portfolio linked below.


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