Telling a Story – Under Collection by Hamran & Snøhetta

Ever since Norwegian architect firm Snøhetta’s project titled ‘Under’, Europe’s First Underwater Restaurant, was completed in 2018/2019 it’s been full steam ahead. They’ve really hit a new level success that’s so great to see in this industry.

The restaurant itself was so striking that I personally think many of the objects inside, which were also beautifully designed by Snøhetta, went unnoticed. A real shame considering the detail and longevity in the designs crafted for this one of a kind restaurant.

One of the projects was in collaboration with Hamran, a Norwegian furniture company who tell their story quite beautifully on their about page. Mixing their heritage and their appreciation for natural materials, this project with Snøhetta was almost a match made in heaven. The specifications to produce this collection of the same name, ‘Under’, that’s constructed using locally sourced Norwegian oak.

A chair, a bench, a round table, and an oblong table make up the range. Their hope with the continuous shape of the chair was to mimic how the branches of trees grow from the stem. Certainly unique as the back support connects to the back of the leg and flows over to the arm rests. A real sense of harmony.

Personally the textile weaving grabbed me. I really appreciate the way they’ve incorporated this subtle weave in modern colours in to such a modern shape. This kind of weave has gone of out fashion but features here in a contemporary way and showcases Hamran and Snøhetta appreciation of nature overall. Both companies refuse to damage of distort it, making everything purposeful and considered. I’m a real fan of both companies and look forward to their future projects. Snøhetta have gone so high it’s exciting to see where they can go from here.


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