The Marble Craftworks – Furniture and Home Objects by Retegui Marble


I think when you’re someone like me, a “jack of all trades”, you find it hard to focus on one specific thing. I like to move around and experiment, so I’m full of admiration for those who can set boundaries on themselves and experiment within it. Seeing how far they can push themselves in their specific material. Much like this work by Retegui, a family design company that specialises in the production of objects using marble.

Laurent Bergez founded the marble craftworks in Saint Jean de Luz, South-West France, in 1939. Originally the company cut gravestones and other funerary art objects, but when his daughter and her husband took over in 1973 they then went on modernise the production. In 1999, it was the turn of the founder’s grandson, Claude Retegui, to put his skills as a civil engineer to the test and produce methods that could combine both stone and composite materials.

Today they use engineers and craftsmen to produce complex objects such as tables, stools and other small objects for the home. I was particularly impressed by the furniture. The marble gives great texture on the surface of the tables and chairs, a subtle pattern of which can only be created truly by nature itself. Here’s a few photos of the objects that they make at their factory in France, plenty more can be found on their website linked below. Enjoy.