New at OEN Shop – Hand Blown Glassware from Nagano Prefecture by Studio Prepa

As you all know we usually wait in cycles to receive products from the craftsmen that we stock, sometimes it can take up to a year to restock their work again. Actually, I feel lucky to stock many of these works from our base here in the UK and offer them to international customers through our website. All of the craftsmen have a strong following themselves in their own country, so often going to the effort of shipping work here is more through persuasion than anything else. So we really appreciate all the hard work that they put in.

Studio Prepa has been making a small selection for us for a number of years now and this week we received a new shipment from them. These works are nice functional objects that are all handblown by Katsuhisa and Mizuho Hira at their studio in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. I’m especially fond of the paperweights as they are slightly abstract, functional and have lovely character. I’ve taken some new photos and will be continuing to do so throughout the week, more can be seen on the shop linked below. Enjoy.

Click here to shop glassware by Studio Prepa here →


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