New at OEN Shop – Chopstick Boxes, Containers & More by Eiji Hagiwara

The handcrafted wooden boxes tend to be some of the most popular objects in the shop. I’m not sure why but if I’m talking from my own perspective I think I gravitate towards them due to the skill that it takes to produce such work, as well as the fact that they are very functional and can be used to store certain foods or objects that are used on a daily basis.

We featured Eiji Hagiwara on the website late last year and since then we’ve had strong interest in his chopstick box that was made from black walnut and he has since gone on to craft some more special works for us, including a large cherry chopstick box and a walnut container with lid and scoop.

Eiji’s style is fairly rustic, which has always been something that I’ve gravitated towards. It gives him a unique footing in the shop and has rightly so gained him some admirers. Hopefully you will like these new works too and will view them in the shop below. Enjoy.

New in Stock: Square Walnut Tea Container, Black Walnut Chopstick Case, Large Cherry Case, Walnut Butter Box, Circular Walnut Board, Teak Chopsticks

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