New in the Shop – Handmade Woodwork by Studio KUKU

I’m fascinated by those makers who are able to craft not only functional pieces using high quality materials, but also somehow incorporate a unique character that makes their work very distinct. Kyoko Tani of Nagano-based woodworking studio ‘KUKU’ is one of those craftsmen. Her work takes the spirit in the trees (in Japanese “KU”) and fabricates these wonderful objects that are sure to stand the test of time.

I was especially drawn to the double-ended chopsticks that symbolise the time of celebration in Japan. One end is used by a human and the other by a god. Kyoko named these the ‘Rikyu’ chopsticks after Sen no Rikyu, the famous Japanese tea master, who was said to have carved his own chopsticks for the guests from cedar wood. Why not hold your own tea ceremony and use these special pieces, passing the handcrafted warmth that radiates from the object and transfer it over to the user.

Click here to see woodworks crafted by Studio KUKU ⟶


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