New Pedestal Dish & Water Cup by Stefan Andersson at OEN Shop


Back in October I highlighted the Water Cups that were made especially for OEN by Swedish potter Stefan Andersson. They were very popular at the time so it seemed a no brainer to commission some more from Stefan, obviously still opening it up to experimentation.

This time Stefan has offered a twist on the original cup, which, unlike our previous water cup that was salt fired with veggie oil, these have been fired for three days in a large wood kiln called an Anagama. Its a primitive kiln which dates back at least 4000 years. The flames from inside the kiln are swept around the pots carrying with it ash from the amount of wood thrown in throughout the firing. Ash and flame react to the wall of the pot differently which gives each cup an individual look.

Alongside these cups he has also made a special edition Pedestal Dish that has been fired at the very front of the Anagama kiln. During the three days of firing the pots have been covered with ash that melts at extreme temperature, causing it to pool and flow along the form and create a unique and intriguing surface reminiscent of rocks, glass and crystals. Overall some impressive pottery that might make a nice addition to your home, here are a few photos that I took to coincide. I hope you like them and more can be seen in the shop linked below.

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