House R by Bevk Perovic Architects

I thought we’d move onto something a little larger in scale now, visiting the work of Bevk Perovic Architects and this beautiful home they constructed which has lots of quirky elements that I’ve not seen used much before. Given it’s being highlighted here I think we all know it was always going to have some sort of nordic or Japanese design aesthetic, and this home doesn’t disappoint with it’s simplistic shape and clean cut lines.

I love the versatility of this house with the sliding doors filling each room with wonderful natural light through it’s large open windows. I think those used to conventional urban homes often argue that this style of window doesn’t offer enough privacy, so the fact the owner is given the option here keeps these negative comments at bay. Personally I love the idea of having large windows as it really brightens up the rooms and provides a bit of a view opposed to the sight of a bland wall.

These images were obviously taken before anyone was inhabiting it, but I think if you use your imagination a little bit you can see what a wonderful place this would be to live. A few quality pieces of furniture, some artwork and perhaps a rug thrown in for good measure and this would be a dream for the creative designer type.

It’s no secret to those around me that I have aspirations to build my own home one day, so the Bevk Perovic page was the perfect place to browse and reaffirm a few ideas in my own head of what my dream house would look like. Perhaps I will never get to build this, but it’s always fun to draw, create models and get a bit creative in general, so I’d recommend heading over and taking in a little of what the architect firm have created in the past.

* Photography by Miran Kambic


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