Architecture as Fine Art – A Selection of Photography by Nick Frank

I have always respected commercial photographers for their ability to adapt their style to a commercial setting. This applies to all creative fields though as I think it’s very difficult to transfer your skill set and make it viable in the real world, not just as a creative pursuit but also as something that can sustain you long enough to explore it in detail. This is why I’ve always admired the work of talented photographer Nick Frank who worked in advertising as Art & Creative-Director for 16 years and later switched to photography full-time in 2013.

It’s ironic then that I’m showcasing his so called ‘free projects’ that highlight his own expression and passion; architectural shapes. Somehow, inspiringly so, Nick has been able to abstract the different architecture to the point of fine art, blowing out many of the surrounding shadows to create these striking forms that capture some of the best parts of modern architecture. The colours are also an important element in one of his newer series titled ‘Candlyland’.

I didn’t want to bring over too many photos as his portfolio deserves credit for illustrating his photography nicely. Actually, in many ways he is already a successful photographer and doesn’t need my exposure, but I wanted to highlight his work and showcase my appreciation for challenging himself in his own time. These side projects can really be a great source of inspiration and conjure up some of the best and most thought provoking ideas. I hope he will continue and therefore inspire me as a creative and photographer. More on his website linked below.


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