Fields, Plottings and Extracts – SALT by Canadian Photographer David Burdeny


I enjoy all aspects of photography, from architectural photography to street photography, but one that always draws me back is nature photography. I think there’s something quite serene about photographing the natural landscape, especially those that have been untouched by man.

This work by talented Canadian photographer David Burdeny partly captured my attention for this reason, but at the same time they reminded me of abstract works of art that can be found in nature. There’s so many beautiful textures and colours it’s stunning to see, there’s nothing more beautiful than nature itself. Somehow David has been able to capture this beauty on camera, which is not an easy thing to do. Things through the lens never quite look the same as those that you see with your own eye.

These were all taken at the Great Salt Lake in Utah, with some of the colours being created by a blue-green algae, which colours the water green, and the higher salt content in the north allows for the growth of a different type of algae that turns the water red. It’s fascinating to see and I’m glad these unique displays are captured by photographers like David, he’s a real talent. Here’s a small selection from this particular series titled SALT, but I urge you to view all his work on his website below. You won’t be disappointed.