Flatness & Things As They Are – Abstract Photography by Erin O’Keefe


A subtle theme running throughout many of the posts here on the blog revolve around the idea of abstraction in an object. It might sound a bit farfetched, but this concept has intrigued me for a long time now. The principle of looking beyond, at all the finer details and the meaning behind it.

Talented architect Erin O’Keefe is also a photographer and has been playing with some of these themes in her series ‘Flatness’ and ‘Things as They Are’. Both art and architecture play a vital role in all her photography, many of the structural themes are clear to see, as well as her experimentation with space and elements inside. Looking deeper we can also see how she is playing with abstraction and perception.

Erin’s manipulation of three-dimensional form onto a two dimensional image is intriguing and I think many of these concepts can be played with in greater detail. To be honest, I’ve only pulled out a few images here for you to admire, so I really reccomend checking out her website and researching a bit about her work. She’s definitely an inspiring creative.