Fluid Awareness – Abstracts Found in Nature by Michael Chichi


Whenever I’m out and about taking pictures I usually find myself focusing on texture, pattern and colour. Lately the framing of human subjects has been an interest of mine, such as street photography and how you can capture the moment in front of you. So I’m pretty sure this is why I was drawn to this photography by Michael Chichi.

Michael Chichi is a photographer and designer based in Hawaii. His photographic work mainly explores nature and natural elements that surround us, so this is what I’m highlighting here for you today. This work is from the studio Counterform, in which he is creative director and designer, and these come from two series, one called ‘Fluid Awareness’ and the other ‘Patternity’.

I selected the title of this post as Fluid Awareness because of the mentality that’s needed to capture such photography. Really you need to be focusing in on all the little details, and it’s apparent that Michael Chichi really does this in his own work. I hope you like this abstract photography and will view more projects on his website. I especially like his newest series Texture Atlas that follows a similar theme to these. Enjoy.