Filters & Multiple Exposures – Photography by Canadian Visual Artist Jessica Eaton


Looking for block colours and geometric shapes? Then look no further than this fantastic imagery by visual artist Jessica Eaton. Jessica is a Canadian photographer who creates an assortment of abstract compositions using only a camera. Often they’re mistaken for digital manipulations, but these vibrant colours and unique geometric shapes are created entirely within the camera using filters and multiples exposures.

Jessica’s goal is to “see beyond” what is possible with human vision, experimenting with light and making us look at the world in a different way. Techniques used include colour separation filters, pinhole photography, ping pong balls, dark slides, in-camera masking, and many more to create these abstract works of art.

So you may be wondering, where does this inspiration from? Well, it doesn’t surprise me to hear that her work was inspired and influenced by the geometric art of Sol LeWitt. But what’s great about these works is that Jessica has explored her own medium and has elaborated on these past works of art, and that’s what creative freedom is all about. Taking these influences and exploring them in new mediums. Hopefully you like these and will see more on her website linked below, she’s a real talented.