The Horizontal Mode of a Waking Life – Photography by Jiaxi Yang


This is an interesting series by New York-based Chinese photographer Jiaxi Yang. This collection of photographed titled “The Horizontal Mode of a Waking Life” considers the world of functional, and what could be classed as “unremarkable”, objects. She has relocated these objects and has changed their context and function, calling our attention to the everyday items that we use and challenging how we interact with them.

I think this is an important characteristic that I’m noticing more and more in this technological age. It’s quite easy to take the small things for granted, we always want something more and we have access to information 24/7. Aside from this way of thinking, as a creative I personally take inspiration from this series by Jiaxi Yang due to her makeshift attitude. She’s basically picked up a camera and has thought out of the box in her immediate surroundings, if more of us did this some great projects would arise.

I’m not usually that interested in photography that stacks random objects on top of one another, but I like it when there’s a conceptual element to the series and also when there’s contrasting elements. This series certainly has both, and her use of colour is particularly appealing and reminds me of the creative photography that took place at the Bauhaus. Anyway, enjoy and more is available on her portfolio linked below.









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