Meet Mjolk, Toronto, Canada

Located in the Junction neighborhood of Toronto, Canada, Mjolk (Milk) has the values of being pure, honest, and essential. This small retail store looks to represent designers from Scandinavia and Japan, from classic and current furniture to Japanese hand crafts, Mjolk reflects the pure aesthetic of the North.

After my showcase of Thom Fougere’s photographic works featuring this shop, Dwell did a big feature on them and as you probably know these guys are true professionals at taking photographs.

I think it’s true that the photos we’ve seen previously didn’t really reflect the true scale of the environment, or the range of work that they sell. The back of the showroom looks to be my personal favorite area with their newest cabinetry addition, designed by Studio Junction. This is where they feature personal accessories and knick knacks such as leather works by Kenton Sorensen, and hand carved wooden items by Kuksas. Check out some photography from the Mjolk shop below, and if you’re interested in the range of products that they sell head to their terrific webstore.


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