Absolute Silence, Full of Possibility – White Utterance by Jung Jung Ho


Photography is an unusual medium in the way that there’s so many different dimensions to it. Obviously you can depict things in a realistic fashion, documenting landscapes and everyday environments in full colour, but you can encroach on other mediums as well, such as painting and collage. South Korean Photographer Jung Jung Ho has an element of this in his series White Utterance, using minimalist landscapes of snow and black water to set the scene for his abstract photography.

Taking inspiration from Wassily Kandinsky, Jung pulled out this quote by him where he said “White is an absolute silence full of possibility”. So these were created by departing from conventional composition and trying to tread the boundary between the visible and invisible. Even though we’ve seen the idea of exploring “the hidden world” through many other photographers in the past, I really like the way that Jung has approached this series. He’s only used two colours and his natural environment to create these abstract works of art, inspiring us to look deeper in to our environment and the patterns surrounding us.

Here is just a snippet of his work that’s on his portfolio from this series, so I highly recommend having a look and seeing if any of this work gets you out there exploring and discovering the spaces around you.