Imagery By Virgin Honey

I found these simple yet visually pleasing photos over on “Virgin Honey’s” Flickr profile and decided to bring them across for all of us to view. I’m fond of the items in which she has captured, all of them being very homely, full of charm and wit. The photos come across as warm and welcoming.

Sabine Timm, to use her real name, is an Artist and Illustrator based out of her own studio in Duesseldorf, Germany. This is clearly reflected on her Flickr account with vast amounts of characters and critters found gracing her page. Seeing all these makes me believe her style would really suit animation, and I’d be fascinated to see what she could come up with, she has such a great imagination.

A portion of her painted and illustrated works are being served up at the Sebastian foster online gallery, I think if I had a young kid I’d definitely be looking to getting one of these for their room. Fortunately I’m far too young to be a father, so I won’t be purchasing one just yet, Sorry Sabine. For those that are, or just like the work in general, be sure to head over to the gallery for a view.


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