Mrs H From Coni Dietrich

Working out of Buenos Aires creative photographer Coni Dietrich brings us this interesting set of looks crafted around a single character called Mrs H, we see various lone shots of her as she relaxes in and around the home with only her small dog for company. I think its the character that carries this whole piece through here, if we look into the technicalities of the images we see a handful aren’t lit as well as they could be. This all however adds to the mood that Coni is creating and Im not for one moment suggesting that this should be corrected, if anything I think you would lose originality and sometimes I think creatives need to break away from the idea of the flawless project. Its not the look that is needed here, and the low lighting and grain in these images blends into the vintage look which we see created in the interior design and outfits of Mrs H. Im a big fan of the overall scene and characterisation developed here, its just very easy on the eye photography with concept behind it, we can all take a good image but to take good image with concept and theming is something to be admired in my eyes.

Find more work from Coni Dietrich here


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