Photography Set From Anna Aden’s

I’ve been admiring the work of Swedish photographer Anna Aden recently, her minimal creations are really vivid, while still staying beautifully refined and refreshing to view. I’ve got to say I love the fact she leaves the story to be pieced together by the viewer, which makes her imagery pretty individual and personal.

Her frames are explosions of wonderful colour combined with a generous amount of natural light, perfect against the subtle skin tone of her subjects. I think Anna’s ability to layer textures together in her photographs is where the core of her talent lies, her photos contain great balance and poise which is really kind on the eye.

These above and below are a couple of my personal favourites from her profile on Flickr, but she has plenty more to offer over on there. I’d suggest taking a trip across if you have some time to kill and are looking for some great photo inspiration.


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