Further Imagery from Laura Dart

If I’m being completely honest with everyone last time I raided photographer Laura Dart’s collection of work I was instantly planning the next time we would return to the talented creative. I have however, in the face of diversity, kept a steady flow of other individuals complimenting the format but today I couldn’t resist bringing these across for all of us to enjoy. Amalgamating a handful of sets, I’ve pieced together a jigsaw of Laura’s work which is heavily influenced by the great outdoors, something that we’re big fans of here on the site.

Unlike last time we looked at Laura’s work I’ve taken some photos that are a little less recent, but I’m sure you’ll agree that they’re well worth revisiting. I love that these are riddled with nostalgia which helped to remind me that spring and summer are ahead of us all, and personally I can’t wait. Theres nothing more captivating for me than getting amongst the great outdoors and capturing some images on my trusty film camera, especially when the sun is with us.

So while we wait with anticipation for the warmer months, why not head over into the archive of Laura’s work and admire her collection, she’s certainly one of my favourite photographers at the moment. As a final note, to those that are avid fans of Kinfolk magazine, and I include ourselves in this, you can keep a look out for Laura’s work in the publication as she frequently contributes over there.



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